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About Us

We Make Products That Matter

Full Service Product development firm

MEMA Engineering is a full service professional design firm helping companies: conceive, design, develop, engineer and test innovative products. We serve large corporations as well as small startup companies in the consumer, industrial and medical industries. Our experience in product design, engineering, electronic packaging, failure analysis, testing and production makes us a comprehensive one-stop product development firm.

We combine creativity with leading edge software

Combining creativity with leading-edge software technology and our advanced CNC machine shop, MEMA will be of great value in your product development process – whether you are developing one single product or an entire product line. It doesn’t matter if all you have is a sketch on a napkin or if you’re already in a development program and need the extra push towards completion.

MEMA Engineering is a One Stop Shop

Put simply, MEMA Engineering is a one-stop-shop. From start to finish, we are on-board with you and your project. Not only will we help you design your product, but we can also machine your actual prototype in-house. Our machines are dedicated to prototyping. We are setup for low quantities and give your project the attention it requires at this critical stage; our engineers are involved in every step of the process.

6 Reasons For Us To Work Together

We're Passionate

Our team is highly passionate about the success of our client’s projects, and coming up with creative solutions and innovative designs.

We're 100% adaptable

We believe in consistency and complementing your team. We would gladly use your design standards and drawing templates to ensure consistency with your company.

Schedule is a Priority

The key to success is careful planning. By having a detailed schedule we can get your product out to the market efficiently and allow for better planning of other segments.

We're Talented

Each member of our team is highly talented and technical. We hire the best engineers who are passionate about developing new products.

Quality is Essential

We believe in always providing our customers with the highest quality service, both ours and through our strategic manufacturing partners locally and overseas.

Clients become Friends

We are here to bring your idea to the market and along the way develop a great network of friends that can add value for other clients.